Monday, March 19, 2012

A short response from Senator Jim Wilson

In response to the Oklahoma measure to require mothers seeking abortions to listen to the fetus' heartbeat, two state senators have fought back.  According to this article,

When a zygote-personhood bill was introduced, Sen. Constance Johnson added an amendment making it illegal for a man to ejaculate anywhere outside a woman’s vagina because that would be “an action against an unborn child.” She also suggested that any man who impregnates a woman without her consent should be fined $25,000 and get a vasectomy, “in the spirit of shared responsibility.” Sen. Jim Wilson proposed an amendment that would require the father of the unborn child that the state is insisting be brought to term, be financially responsible for the mother’s health care, housing, transportation, and nourishment during the pregnancy, instead of shifting that responsibility to the state.

We wrote to both Senators Johnson and Wilson to congratulate them and share our support of their amendments, and also to let them know what we were working on.  We just got this response from Senator Wilson.

I appreciate your email - and sense of humor.  I hope to do something with it before the end of session.

I did mention it during an interview with an NPR affiliate in LA Friday.

Thanks much,

Jim Wilson

Senator Wilson, thanks for your hard work and for giving our little project your attention.  Keep up the good fight!!

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