REPRIMAND: What is it and why?

The REPRIMAND Project is a series of common-sense solutions to common male problems, that also just happen to help level the playing field as the GOP wages its legislative wars on women, gays and the middle class.

REPRIMAND (Required Exam of PRostate IMale ANdrogen Deficiency)

By legally requiring that all doctors and healthcare professionals give men a full, manual (i.e. with a finger in the rectum) prostate exam when treating not only issues of erectile dysfunction, but all symptoms that point towards low testosterone, we can ensure that men receive the critical, preventative care they need.  It also means that men get something stuck up inside them for seeking legal medical services.  

REPRIMAND/Paternity (REquired Pregnancy Reimbursment IMen AbandoN Duties of Paternity)

In this political climate, there is only way to help poor children whose fathers refuse to do their part:   Require that noncustodial and deadbeat birth fathers pay half of all costs associated with the birth month's pregnancy up to and including neonatal expenses.  It also makes men literally pay for babies that could have been avoided with fair access to legally available contraception.

REPRIMAND/Inequality (REsponsible Pairing of Restrictive & Invasive MANDated Inequality)

Men outnumber women over 2:1 in state and federal government including staffing and lobbyists.  Is it any surprise that the GOP is waging a legislative "war on women" by restricting women's access to legal activities?  This is biased law and does not treat all citizens equally, as guaranteed by the 14th Amendment.  This law requires that all restrictive or invasive laws which disproportionally affect only one segment of the population must be paired with equivalent restrictions against the rest of the citizenry.   In other words, take away from others as they take away from you.  

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