Friday, March 16, 2012

Mandatory prostate exams: invasion of privacy?

A lot of men are asking the same questions: isn't REPRIMAND an invasion of privacy and a violation of the sanctity of their bodies?

The GOP has always stood for individual rights and a strict adherence to the Constitution.  Peruse their website and you will see that their history is rich with the colors of patriotic sweat and blood.  The GOP has always been the relentless fighters for freedom, smashing the color and gender barriers in their crusade for equal rights, and protecting us from oppression since individuals, not government, make the best decisions.  Today, their issues stay true to their base: tax cuts so you can keep your hard-earned cash, peace through strength so we can smash any enemy that threatens our way of life, common-sense health care that is not controlled by the government, a judiciary that is grounded in the Constitution instead of social activism, the power of school choice and choice in school, and a free-market economy that gives confidence to consumers and job makers, alike. 

Now the liberal media and its many allies will have you believe that the recent wave of state and federal legislation that conservatives and the GOP have been authoring on topics such as contraception, abortion and women's health, are in fact violations of privacy and liberty, and are an assault on women's rights.  Let's stop and ask, how could a party that has fought tirelessly for 150 years for the freedom of all Americans, and still cries from the mountain top for freedom from oppression, government mandates, and inequality, HOW could this party of patriots possibly commit the sin of "treading on me."  We know that any GOP-backed bill, whether in the state or federal government, has always and will always uphold the Constitution and the rights of the individual, at all costs and against all enemies.   As a last reminder of how ridiculous these claims are, the majority of our country is women.  How can anyone truly believe that an entire political body as vast as the GOP, with ambitions from city to national levels, would sponsor or support bills to drive off the majority of the voters in this great country? 

Take just two recent examples.  Virginia's Transvaginal Ultrasound Bill safeguards the health of our fertile female population while increasing jobs in the OBGYN and Vaginal-Probe industries.  Utah's senate just passed a bill to force women to wait 72 hours before having an abortion.  The left-wingers would have you believe this is so the state can force its pro-life agenda on mothers trying to exercise their legal rights, when in reality it is to provide sufficient time to ensure that the mother's health will not be put in jeopardy during the medical procedure.  When more women go to see counselors and doctors, more counselors and doctors are needed.  This is simple demand-and-suppy economics, and we see the GOP again hard at work to create jobs and fight for our health.

Turning back to the original question, we can rest easy knowing that all laws, whether proposed or enacted, that involve a so-called invasive procedure to women, were carefully legislated and/or supported by the GOP.  This is like the Good Housekeeping seal of approval for laws.  If the GOP endorses or sponsors it, it has to be right (pun intended).  Is it technically invasive to require a women to have a transvaginal sonogram?  Perhaps a little.  But it is for the greater good?  Without any doubt.  Is it really an invasion of privacy or the sanctity of her body?  Since the GOP righteously stands for both, the answer must be "no."  And there is your answer about prostate and rectal exams. 

As a final note, the Fourteenth Amendment (which was supported by the GOP, by the way) guarantees equal protection under the law.  Aren't men owed the same protection as women?   Shouldn't we demand it, even if it hurts for a minute? 

Call your state and federal lawmakers and demand that they enact REPRIMAND legislation.  Mandatory rectal exams for men with low testosterone can be the GOP's legacy to men's health!

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