Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Hypocrisy of Conservative Outrage

Wednesday, Sept. 17 (2012) was Talk Like a Pirate Day, and the Obama campaign sent out a tweet with an old photo of President Obama talking to (you guessed it) a pirate, taken in 2009 during the Correspondent's dinner.  But...three days later the Drudge Report posted a copy of this photo claiming that Mr. Obama was meeting with this pirate on the 17th instead of Israeli President Netanyahu. Here's the picture.

Well Fox News did their usual crack job of fact checking and decided this must be legitimate news, and Fox and Friends used this picture to lambast Mr. Obama for not having time for issues of real national importance.  That made a lot of Fox viewers upset and the blogosphere and Facebook lit up, with the following picture (among many many others) showing up on the thoroughly patriotic website
We all have experienced the utter lack of depth that Fox News places in reporting facts, and that like good lemmings jumping off the cliff, the angry white men of the Republican world just drool for chances to echo what Fox and its spin-offs like to say.  That isn't news.  But what we can't stand is that at the same time that this was going on, the Republican led House of Representatives decided to go on a two month vacation, rather than legislating.

What issues are so important, you might ask?  They include the Violence Against Women Act, Sequestration, the American Jobs Act, the Veterans Jobs Corp act, and the current Farm Bill.  In other words, just about everyone in this country is being ignored so Eric Cantor and his cronies can campaign to keep their jobs rather than doing their jobs.  And, listen to the cricket sounds...that is the noise of millions of Republicans who are up in arms about their lawmakers actually doing nothing.

So there you have it folks, The Great Republican Hypocrisy No. 105.  Republicans will jump on any Democrat for fictitiously not working for 5 minutes, but applaud their own for not working for 60 days.

We know that only about 7 of you actually read this far, but if you did, please share with your friends.  We need to make sure voters who are on the fence get informed.  Two people have already told us that they changed their minds on who to vote for in November through shares of our posts.

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